Friday, June 29, 2012

Beautiful russian naked women

- Zhavotta, my child - she turned to the girl. You're light as a reed. Try to go through Karni to the edge of the turret. But look not fall!
- Well, Madam, - said Zhavotta, russian girls cute, trying to land owner.
Leaned on the window, Angelica, russian escort ladies, watched with bated breath for the actions of the girl. When it is closer to the pinnacle of Madame Moran exclaimed:
--- Look, do you see anything inside?
- Yes, madam, I see something black ... boxes I guess.
Angelica closed her eyes.
-R-Listen to me, my girl. Carefully take the box and bring it to me.
A minute later she was holding a casket Ekzili monk. The dirty earth crust covered him, HQ thanks to the fact that it was sandalwood, or insect or fungus can not penetrate inside.
- Now go, - said Angelica, russian girls sexy, low voice - and not talk to anyone about what you did today. If you keep your mouth shut, I'll give a new cap and gown.
- What are you, madam, - exclaimed the maid, - I do not even understand the language spoken in this area
She is very sorry that the hostess took her from Paris bowed, Zhavotta, russian erotic women, walked into the room, etc. was a servant.
Angelica, russian girls bikini, gently wiped her casket, put e on the table and covered with a hard cover, as bolts rusted. Finally. Cover and succumbed to Mr. yellowed by time sheets, she saw vials of poison emerald color, intended for the royal family. After seeing some time on the vial, Madame Moran closed the casket and placed it on the old place to the secretary, from 15 years ago, she took it frivolous. On the wedding day will change the Angelika this cursed chest on the marital ring.

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